This page is for Stopwatcher, an app on the Mac App Store.

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  1. Dmitry says:

    Hello! I’ve bought StopWatcher at App Store, and I’m really happy with its simplicity, it just does exactly what I need. However, when tracked time reached 99 minutes and then went up to 100 minutes, it went into weird bug:

    Now I have 131 minutes tracked (I just know it), but the display says “31:6019.8″. Maybe you could fix it, as the app is really good for its price. Thank you.

    • simo says:

      I’m glad you’re happy with the app. I’ll make sure the next version won’t go crazy with times over 99 minutes.
      I think I never tested it for that long of a period and never realized it can’t handle it.

      Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll be sending a redemption code for something your way, to compensate for the lost 100 minutes.

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